Omega Marine adds another new high face value watch

Among the famous Swiss watch brands, Omega's popularity is not inferior to Rolex: unlike Rolex, Omega's design is younger and more fashionable, and the entry price is lower than Rolex. The same is that Omega dive watches and Rolex dive watches are as hot as they are. Omega dive watches are famous for their 300 meter seahorse series and 600 meter ocean universe diving watches. Today we will talk about the new Ocean Cosmic watch recently launched by Omega.

The true identity of the new watch is the Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe America Cup series watch. The 36th America's Cup will be held in 2021. Omega will be the official timekeeper of the event as well as its long-time partner, Emirates Team New Zealand.replica watches uk will participate in the event. As the official timing of the tribute brand, Omega specially launched this Seamaster Ocean Universe America Cup watch. The first sight of the watch is visually striking: the collision of red, white and blue colors is fashion and dynamic, the eye-catching appearance can not be ignored and the sense of existence is full.

Of course, as a special edition watch, the color of the watch doesn't come out of nowhere: in fact, the color matching of red, white and blue is inspired by the color of the America's Cup logo. Omega cleverly uses these three colors to create this high-value Omega-style ocean universe watch. The dial is pure white, clean and flawless, and the reason the texture is so clear is because the dial is made of glossy white ceramic. After the ceramic ring, now it seems that the ceramic dial has also become a certain trend: the dial of the Kancas series brilliant green special series watch launched by Longines was also made of ceramic material. Of course, the ceramic dial is nothing new for Omega. The clear and flawless white dial is in stark contrast to the blue and red colors and has very high legibility. The indexes and hands are painted with bright white paint and the border is outlined in blue. This design doubles up on the watch and the red number embellishment is right too.

The words "36th AMERICA'S CUP" (36th America's Cup) are transferred to 6 o'clock on the white ceramic dial. Another thematic element of sailing requires careful observation: the central seconds hand is decorated with the small trophy of the America's Cup regatta. The watch is water resistant to 600 meters, is equipped with a drain valve helium and a calendar window is open at 3 o'clock. This is the same as the regular Omega Ocean Universe.

Different from the normal Omega Marine Universe is its frame. The bezel features the iconic colors of events such as red, white and blue, is equipped with a blue ceramic bezel and the scales and markings are covered with white and red liquid ceramic.fake watches uk The difference is that the regular Omega Ocean Universe is an authentic professional diver's watch, designed with a 15 minute scale before the dive bezel. The bezel of this Ocean Cosmo America's Cup watch is designed for sailing events. The bezel features a 5-minute countdown and a "start" indicator. The graduated scale represents the pre-match preparation time available.